Anything Goes!! Internationally Syndicated Radio
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(Anything Goes!! is the flagship program of the Commercial with a Conscience® Network)
"Be Kind to Yourselves, Each Other & the Earth."

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Welcome to the Anything Goes!! Syndicated Radio
Public Service Announcements Page

Lise brings Anything Goes!! to the airwaves to make people feel good and to empower the public with important information.

She's proud that the most frequent comment she receives in mail from listeners is
"I was having a bad day and when I tuned into your program, it made me feel better."

Many people also tell Lise
"I learned things about {something I can do to help the environment/an important charitable organization or cause} because I was tuned into Anything Goes!!"

Being of service is what motivates all of us at Anything Goes!! One of our favorite things to do is get the word out about organizations doing important work on a small budget.

Please listen to a few samples:

International Women's Democracy Center 60 second PSA

International Women's Democracy Center 30 second PSA

International Women's Democracy Center 15 second PSA

Schickele Ship Show Music for All Seasons
Fundraising Event Announcement (Award Winning)

Music for All Seasons 60 Second PSA
Music for All Seasons 30 Second PSA 60 second Commercial with a Conscience Message

Here at Anything Goes!! Internationally Syndicated Radio, we know that there are a lot of fine organizations doing wonderful work on a small fraction of the budget of the big guys. (We know this VERY well because that's what we do.)

Just 'cos you don't have a million dollar budget shouldn't mean that your voice isn't heard.

We would love to be of service to you by creating a variety of PSAs and announcements for your organization AND airing them so the public can learn about, and contribute to, your work.

Lise Avery is an accomplished singer, radio personality and voiceover actor.

Anything Goes!! is recorded at Full House Productions in NYC; Other Full House clients include IBM, Movado, NPR, Ken Burns 



(212) 946-5726 / (201) 935-1980