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Gather 'Round!! 

Lise's Book Bag is HERE!!

On the Wall: Four Decades of Community Murals in New York City
Energizing the visual landscape since 1968, New York City's community murals
beautify, educate, protest, celebrate, and often motivate residents to action.
Collaborations between artists and neighborhood groups, these painted walls reflect the social, cultural, and political climate of their times.

by Jane Weissman & Janet Braun-Reinitz
Click Here to visit Artmakers for More Info

The Biography of Susannah McCorkle by Linda Dahl
The secret life and tragic death of a great American songbird
Susannah McCorkle threw herself from the window of her apartment in New York City. Most of those in the overflow crowd at her memorial service were in shock, for McCorkle was as convincing a performer
at hiding her despair as she was at singing.
Haunted Heart follows two stories: the downward curve of McCorkle's emotional life as she descended into her illness and the upward arc of her singing career as it lurched uncertainly toward success.


Dudley Moore An Intimate Portrait  by Rena Fruchter

When Dudley Moore died in 2002, Rena Fruchter was at his side. In the last 15 years of his life, they had become not only concert partners but the closest of friends. In this honest, often very funny memoir, she offers an intimate account of the final years of the brilliant but troubled star.

Lise met Rena in the year 2000 when she worked with Rena Fruchter and Music for All Seasons to promote Dudley Moore's Birthday party at Carnegie Hall!!  Since that time they have become close friends.

Lise's Review: "I LOVED every minute of Dudley Moore An Intimate Portrait.

Rena's Fruchter's book is not only a fine tribute and an interesting portrait but it is also a fantastic (and at times hilarious) romp. I wanted the book to go on and on so I could spend more time with Rena & Dudley!"


Discovering Natural Processes

Beauty in Nature's Ways by Gray Merriam

Photographs by Jeff Amos

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

This book takes reader on a journey into important processes that control much of what happens in nature. Stunning photographs with captions illustrate the fundamental processes that enable environmental systems to be self-sustaining. The text is written by Gray Merriam, PhD, DSc, Professor Emeritus in Landscape Ecology and Environmental Science, while the images are provided by Jeff Amos, a fine-art landscape photographer with a background in ecology.

Whenever she can, Lise spends her time in rural Ontario in her cottage where the Salmon River originates. Gray Merriam and his wife Aileen make their year-round home down river. Gray Merriam is always teaching Lise and her husband George about ecology and the natural environment.

For more info about Discovering Natural Processes, please visit

Lise's Review:  "Gray Merriam is the most energetic and knowledgeable advocate for the environment I have ever been privileged to know. Discovering Natural Processes is a treat for the eye and the mind.  It makes a great coffee table book and a fabulous gift."


Inventing Late Night by Ben Alba

From Publishers Weekly:

Lest anyone think that late-night TV's zany characters and stunts began with Johnny, Jay or Dave, this love letter to original Tonight host Steve Allen will set them straight. Alba's portrait depicts Allen as a ground-breaking force in television whose brief stint (1954-57) on NBC's late-night show had a lasting influence on late night TV.

Lise's Review:  "I'm still reading this one!!  With thanks to Jayne Meadows, Ben Alba and the Allen family soon we'll soon be airing a multi-part special about Steve, so check back often!


When I Grow Up I Want to Be 60

by Wendy Reid Crisp

In her wry, inimitable style, Wendy Reid Crisp explores topics ranging from grandchildren, unexpected friends, and politics, to breasts, Burmese underwear, and potluck dinners. With ruminations on the important-and the trivial, WHEN I GROW UP I WANT BE 60 includes irreverent, edgy and compassionate commentary from women declaring their pride, power and joy in their lives at sixty and beyond.

Lise met Wendy because Wendy once had a radio show that she called Anything Goes.  They're meeting was certainly serendipitous because they discovered that they had an awful lot in common and have become very good friends.

Click here to visit Wendy's website

Lise's Review:  "I love Wendy Reid Crisp.  She is smart, she is insightful, she is hysterically funny and she always teaches me something about myself or about life. Her books are easy to read and make you feel good!"