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(Anything Goes!! is the flagship program of the Commercial with a Conscience® Network)
"Be Kind to Yourselves, Each Other & the Earth."

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The Anything Goes®!!

Commercial with A Conscience® Identity

The Anything Goes!! Commercial with a Conscience® Identity creates advertisements for companies that are making a difference while making a profit. Neither commercial nor commercial-free, but a hybrid; Commercial with A Conscience®

The Anything Goes!! Commercial with a Conscience® Identity
gives companies whose desire it is to participate in the support of important causes have that support made know to the consumer and/or public.

We Believe That:

  • Consumers in America and worldwide have reached a saturation point with advertising as it has traditionally been presented.

Commercial with A Conscience® is an opportunity to let your target audience know about issues that are important to you. It also gives you the opportunity to let your audience know you care.

  • Create advertising campaigns designed to inform consumers about your companies' philanthropic projects.
  • Design a series of informative spots to educate and enlighten the public about issues important to you. With 'brought to you by' association for your company.
  • Define a positive association in the mind of the consumer about your company and 'stand out from the crowd'.
  • Achieve a branding identification for your company based upon exceptional frequency and association with other companies who believe in making a difference while making a profit.

Why is Commercial with A Conscience® a good marketing direction for your company?

Americans are inundated with commercial messages of all kinds and are becoming increasingly motivated and skillful at tuning them out.

Commercial with A Conscience® distinguishes your message and your company by delivering messages of value and interest to a consumer.

Why Is
Commercial with A Conscience® Right for Your Marketing Goals NOW??

Commercial with A Conscience® transforms your interest in charities, causes and social issues into brand loyalty, name recognition and profits.

•  Differentiate your company identity

•  Establish genuine emotional bonding with your customer

•  Identify compelling reasons for customer loyalty (in addition to quality)

Let Commercial with a Conscience® make a difference for your company and the causes that are important to you.

Call Anything Goes!! with Lise Avery to get the message out about what is important to you and your organization.

(212) 946-5725 or email us by Clicking Here.